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Student Blog – Lot’s Post


OF MICE AND MEN                                 LENNIE &GEORGE

Homelessness: to me homelessness is very sad and a shocking thing to live! Imagine living in the shoes of Lennie and George, as in the book: ‘sleeping outside’…… ‘No home’…. ‘No money’ No ‘nothing’. As their characters  travel around looking for a job to provide them with  money and so they can buy a farm house and live like kings.

I’ll show you how I am seeing the two characters in my mind ….


NO money: Lennie and George are living with very little amount of money….
How are they, two men supposed to provide shelter, food, land, and bunnies.

NO Home: As their characters  live without  shelter and  travel around with nothing.

Imagine liveing without a home, no money,  and trying to make a living with nothing.


Student Blog – Iseult’s Post


The meaning of strength is being the of yourself – being strong!

Lennie crushes Curlie’s hand.




Lennie kills Curlie’s wife!




Lennie lifting 50 lbs bags like there was nothing there.



Lennie killed the pup.



Lennie killed lots of mice an that is why I picked strength because Lennie is so strong and being the boss of himself he don’t listen to no rules.


It is good to be a husky guy than to be the little weak guy crying in the corner.



Student Blog – Morqause’s Post

To Kill or Not To Kill

« What sacrifices are we willing to make for those we love? (as in George’s decision to continually uproot himself to protect Lennie) How do we know when we’re acting in the best interest of those we love, or acting selfishly? (as in Candy’s inability to put down his dog; and George’s climatic decision) What effect does intention have on culpability? (as in Lennie’s responsibility for crushing Curly’s hand) »

I find that it wasn’t right for George to decide that it was right to kill Lennie. It wasn’t really right for him to say that it would be better if he did kill him. It really wasn’t the best choice because they could have run off into the woods and Lennie could have kept living.

“Is it OK to kill somebody? What about helping someone kill them self? Is it a crime to tell someone how to go about killing them self? Assisted suicide is an issue with a lot of gray area which people often debate over. Many argue from religious views and even moral stand points that such actions should not be taken and are wrong in every case. I would like to argue that assisted suicide is OK and even necessary in some occasions to uphold our fundamental right of pursuit of happiness. Suicide is an individual choice and there is nothing more important then upholding one’s freedom of choice. I’m not saying we should be allowed to go out and mass murder people with out consequence, but if someone decides to end there own life it is there choice? If one’s decision does not physically harm another then in most cases it should not matter if they make that choice. One’s life is all they really have in the end and they should at least be in control of that.“ I agree completely.


Lennie just killed Mai. lennie was just scared that if he let her go she run and scream just like the girl in the red dress did.    Was this a murder or an accident….


Student Blog – Galahad’s Post


Why is there so much war, and hatred with everyone today? Simple explanation

1-    Everyone likes to have a little bit of power right, so in order to that they must….

2-    Fight over that power, some will start a random fight with anyone over really, nothing at all.

3-    Why do people do this well mostly because, of money, and for control of others.

4-    Is it really worth every second of everyday in life fighting over power?

5-    What are you really fighting for FREEDOM or POWER? Which ever one you pick think about how it could work.

Sometimes I wish that I could fall asleep forever but then I would miss out on what is next in my future but it isn’t easy being different like having disorders, losing an arm, losing my best friend, not allowed to have free will, etc……… when I read, my head works like a bunch of gears.

What is Love without war well….it wouldn’t be the right way to start a relationship now would it?

Love is supposed to be all romantic candle lite dinners underneath the moon, watching a scary movie, and so forth and so on…..

But there is a twist in it, what is the twist? Well it’s quite complicated so I’ll just use this little random quote I came up with….

Love is crazy like this world how could this day get any crazier, oh wait never mind it’s all ready crazy enough because of……… well this crazy world (and I love it)=D!!!!

When I was growing up, it was hard being different, especially for someone like me who has FAS, it’s not as bad as it sounds, I’m used to having this disorder, I’ve had FAS ever since I was born. I have a brain  imbalancement, but I’m getting stronger and working out my problems and most people with disorders, always find a way to break  free from the chains they had worn all their life, and now they can be free to live their new life.

I picked my favorite song from «Rio- hot wings i wanna party feat. Jamie foxx» I know that the title sounds a little bit silly but listen to the beat of the song, and you will understand why this is my fave song!!!! : D then tell me what you think by giving me comment about my blog and the song I chose!!!


By the way,  one of the aids helped me pick this quote to go with my blog………… my inspiration for my blog came from my awsome English teacher Mr. B., and also I got a couple of ideas from books and a few life experiences I went through, when I first moved here. It was complicated when I first started, but now since English started I can finally show of my writing skills and also write out my ideas, because I love to read, I love to write, And I love my blog!!!!!

Student Post – Geraint’s Post

Money $$

Q. Why is it so hard to save your money?

            The world is full of temptations and one of the temptations is spending your money on useless merchandise. In the book “Of Mice and Men”, the workers live on fifty bucks a month because they live in the time period of the great depression so their money and their resources were very tight.  Even in the book, George and his colleagues are faced with the temptation to go into town and blow off a part of their fifty bucks.

Now a day, with all the commercials on television people are constantly being drawn to new gadgets.  Many people compete with their peers. If their friends get a new phone, they want a new phone.   Their friends get the latest game, they want the latest game.

 Ways to save money:

  • Instead or ordering take out, cook food at home
  • Eat the food you buy while it’s still good so you don’t end up throwing it out
  • Walk or ride your bike so you don’t need to take the transit bus or pay for gas
  • Shop when there’s a sale
  • Turn off your lights and watch your water consumption
  • Limit your outings
  • Wear your clothes to the max


6 reasons why it’s important to save your money for the future:   

  • Your  education
  • Save for a car/ house
  • For you retirement
  • Repair for house/ car
  • Your health bills
  • Raising your family

People must realize that money does not grow on tree and if they continue there over excessive shopping they will end up broke. People must learn to spend according to their mean.

Don’t spend what you don’t have!!             


Student Blog – Fisher King


Should you trust everyone around you? Tell them all your secrets and stories? Some people come up to me and ask me this, why it is so hard for people to trust one another?  And my answer is always why it is so hard to keep secrets?

“Trust takes years to build,seconds to break and years to repair” by the unknown.

Develepoing trust with a friend can take time but the earlier the better. It is definitely worth it. I reasure you, you won’t regret it. To put the effort to create trust is a good start. Trust is a risk you’ve got to take if you want a great friendship. Its better to trust then to be a critic and to stay wary all the time.

“Only trust someone who can see these three things in you, the sorrow behind your smile. the love behind your anger, the reason behind your silence…”.

To earn trust you’ve got to follow these steps. Never cancel a promise or an appointment. If necessary, make sure to have a very good reason. Show emotion, it’s a great way to earn trust  and to show that you care. Its always easier to reveal emotion and let your true self be known, then to bury it so deep and look shallow. Kindness is a great way too. You are then able to show faith and support in someone even if they don’t feel the same way. Kindness cements the growth of trust. Be humble. It shows that you aren’t arrogent or condescending. Your friend will soon realise that you’re easy to like and eventually trust. Teasing or even just making fun of a friend will tarnish their faith in you and certainly not make you trust worthy.  You become a stalker of weakness and people become afraid of showing their faults.  Comparitively “the stalker” is usually someone that is insecure but spends time attacking before he gets attacked thus not trusting anyone and losing the trust of others. Judging friends will never help you gain trust. They realise that you always think you know better then they do. They will then be afraid to come talk to you with confidence. Sharing your time, personals and dreams is a great way to earn trust. I know from my personal experience that it’s not good to tell secrets. By this fact, you have destroyed your confidant’s trust. I know it hurts when secrets about you are going around the school, neighbourhood,community and this hurt comes from the betrayal of trust. How do you think it makes them feel ?

“I will forgive but i won’t forget and I hope you know you’ve lost my respect” the unknown. 

Of Mice and Men

In the book Of Mice and Men, trust isn’t discussed heavily. George and Lennie don’t talk about how they feel about each other or why they should stay loyal – they just stand by each other, and that’s that.

Lennie has a lot more trust in George then George to Lennie.  It’s a very gruff, rough and tumble atmosphere, and though feelings aren’t talked about, you get the sense that the men take nothing more seriously than their trust . For George and Lennie, as they make their way through the Depression, all they have is each other. As for the other guys, George doesn’t really seem to trust them as much. Other characters(other then Lennie) are more complex. This makes it harder for George to trust. George has become overpretective of  Lennie and in doing so he has to be more critical and careful of people getting too close. George has become almost spoiled by Lennies simplicity and complete faith in him, rarely can you find trust as strong as Lennies.  On the contrary Lennie seems to have trust in everyone.  Lennie doesn’t judge, he shows emotion, kindness, is humble and means what he says.  He doesn’t complicate life and doesn’t expect it of others. George sees these qualities in Lennie and knows that Lennie is good but times are hard and his trust is miscued as simplicity.  George becomes the protector and is afraid to trust others. As soon a any character would try to get closer to George something would go wrong, George would be distracted from his focus on Lennie and the world would zone in.

George finally used Lennie’s trust to “undo” him.  George brought Lennie to thinking of his happy place, made Lennie dream of happy times ahead- happy times that would never come true- George then shot Lennie.  George knew his dreams, George knew his longings- Lennie had only been trusting, George lied to Lennie.  Was this a gross misuse of his trust or was this the ultimate show of trust?  George knew what was coming for Lennie and knew it wouldn’t be happy and that Lennie would otherwise die in agony and misunderstanding.  George let Lennie live the most beautiful life he could and die believing in happy endings. Isn’t the point of trusting someone, to find an ultimate friend?

-Fisher King

Student Blog – Bors de Ganis’s Post


To me Team work is really important, because without team work you can’t succeed greater things. In Of Mice And Men I find that Lenny and George make a great team, Why? Cause George is the smarter one and the quicker thinker and Lenny is the tough brute force guy that assists his partner when in danger. Together they are a team. Oh, and I also picked team work cause it relates to hockey! Why? Well I think it’s pretty obvious because you need a team to win a hockey game, if you have no team and you are player as a puck hog you will probably end up losing or no one will like you. Lenny helps George get out of his problems and George does the same to Lennys problems. Eventually a Team, like Lenny and George will get new partners and they will also help as team. Just like how Lenny and George teamed up with Candy so they can get enough money to buy the small farm they seek. That’s how I think Of Mice And Men relate to hockey and that’s why I picked my theme as Team Work.


Miracle speech:


Bors de Ganis