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Why I spent 10th grade online by Sophia Pink

One of the authors that I love to read is Daniel Pink. It is fun to be able to be able to follow someone whose work you enjoy. Not just when they write a new book, but when they post a blog, podcast, or yes when they tweet. Recently, Dan tweeted this article about his daughter, Sophia. I have enjoyed watching a number of videos she has created. I really enjoyed this very level-headed look at online learning.


New School Year!!!

Welcome back!

This is an interesting cartoon and in a sense will be what this year’s blog will be about: the impact of technology on education. This year I will be delving further into technology not only in the classroom, but in our lives as learners. Looking forward to your comments, questions, and anything that you are willing to share.

What is the first thing that comes to mind when you look at the cartoon above?

Student Assignment – Books as a Tool

Grade 9 + 10 English          Non-Fiction Book Study

Description: Students are often asked to complete assignments for school – to demonstrate competency in various areas of the curriculum. This assignment  is for the student – to learn new concepts and to internalize principles that can be applied throughout their lives (it will also meet many of the learning outcomes of the curriculum).

Students will choose a non-fiction book from a selection provided. These books will cover a wide variety of areas from relationships, to thinking, to finances and many others. Students are encouraged to choose a book from the area that most interests them, that they want to learn about, and is written in a way that they can relate to. The book will become the student’s property, part of their personal library, to serve as a future reference guide.

Purpose: To study a non-fiction book that can serve as a reference tool throughout life.

Evaluation: For our purposes, the student must demonstrate that a real effort to learn and apply the principles has taken place. This can be done in a number of different ways, but it is the responsibility of the student. There will be a rubric provided.

The true evaluation for this assignment will come from the student, their desire to learn, the time they invest in the book.

 Timeline: Assignment starts immediately. It is suggested that book be picked by Friday, May 13. If you need a book that needs to be ordered it will take a few days.

Daily check-in, entry slips which the student will indicate what they did to move their learning forward. (for the student’s own accountability).

Weekly check-in in small groups will take place. This will be a time to share what we are doing, ideas that are being learned, how we are applying the principles. Groups will be changed so that everyone can hear about different books and different ideas.

Friday, June 7th is the targeted deadline date. (Could be a lifelong project.)

To come: Discussions: On ideas for how you might demonstrate your learning, Evaluation Rubric, Entry Slips, Group discussions, Q&A


*If you read 15-20 minutes a day, you can easily read 1 book a month – that is 12 books a year – that is 120 books in 10 years – close 10 a 1000 books in an average lifetime!

The Value of Tools – EnRICHed Academy

What is your “Financial Literacy”? Your child’s? Last Thursday Miguel Catellier presented the students of Grades 9 – 12 some of the information contained in the EnRICHed Academy DVD program. This was the last 2 periods before a long weekend (students did not have school Friday). For an hour and half they listened!! A number stayed and asked questions! There were many positive comments from students and staff (“I wish I would have had this information when I was young”).

For anyone interested Miguel will be giving a presentation on Thursday, May 9th, 7 pm at École Régionale St-Jean-Baptiste (salle multimedia).

Checkout the website:

What is the value of “good information”? Short term? Over a life time? As parents we all hope to prepare our children for the world, so that they can meet the many challenges and enjoy their life fully. As a parent, who teaches, I realize that I did not always have the best information (I did have an awesome wife to fill in many of the holes).

The area of finance would definitely be an area that we could have done a better job. It is one of those almost “taboo” areas that does not get talked about much with children and students. The DVD’s provide great information, but most importantly they provide a tool to start the conversation on finances.

My children will be getting a copy and will be talking about the information presented. I encourage you to checkout this great tool!


Freedom – More from the Grade 7 & 8

“One time when we went to the St. Vital mall, I had the freedom to buy whatever I wanted without asking my mom. I felt it was okay; I felt like I was free to buy whatever.” KD

“Liberty. The first thing that comes to mind is the Statue of Liberty. Yes she represents liberty, but maybe only in that country. Like some people do not have the right to liberty.” BB

“What this quote means to me is if you ever make a mistake you can try again to get it right. So you can learn from your mistakes.. Like I have done lots of stuff that I have messed up in ringette, badminton, volleyball and more sports, but I get right back up and try again to get it right.” BT

“I chose the quote from Pearl S. Buck because it really makes me think about how others in the world feel without freedom. It must be really hard to live somewhere where there is no right to talk to someone more important than you. And if they don’t like what you say, they can just kill you or imprison you.” KD

Freedom – Student Responses Grade 7 & 8

Here are some responses to our discussions of freedom:

“Being free is not only thinking about yourself, but to think of others’ freedom and respecting that. Freedom is not something that you can take for granted, and it has to be earned. Once you have freedom you can’t misuse it, because yes you are free, but you still have to follow rules, such as laws. If you are teenager with freedom, you must follow your parents rules.” TL

“This quote to me basically means that you can’t appreciate what you have until you don’t have it anymore. And that we think we know what it would feel like not to be free, but the truth is we don’t. We will probably never know how it feels not to be free because where we live we are free. Its hard to try and feel something you never have felt.” RL

“You can’t have freedom till you have discovered your talents. So how can children that work all day discover what they are really good at when they have 50 lbs bags on their backs. One day, I would like for all of us to go on a trip and bring arts and crafts out there and show them how to have fun and have freedom. I would do anything for those children starving out there and give my time for them. My dream is that one day everyone will have freedom.” MS

“Sunday, April 21st, I volunteered in a soup kitchen. When I got there two men got into a humongous fight and it took 5 men to take down 1 man. So naturally I was very scared, but after I started feeding the people there was nothing to be scared of. My point is that these people have no freedom and they were still smiling away.” AA


Love – Just a Thought