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Vote for Your Favourite Poster – How do you develop talent?

This was the Grade 7 + 8 English Assignment on Friday. We would like you to vote or your favourite poster and leave a comment as to what you liked about the message! Thanks! (There were 8 students away for Ringette Provincials on Friday – they have  had a great season).

A talent that is not developed is not a talent that is appreciated, like a gift that is not opened. Or a valuable gift that is opened and never used. The talent to be of value, to be satisfying, and to be fulfilling must be developed.

Your group assignment is to:

1) Brainstorm and discuss what does it take to fully develop a talent. What would be the evidence that the talent is developed or being developed. Look for examples of people who have developed their talents. (you may use the Growth vs Fixed Mindset Chart to help you).

2) With the information from #1, create a poster which EFFECTIVELY transfers your ideas to the viewer. Consider images, colours, bolding important words, etc.

30 minute time limit for #1 and #2

3) Have one person explain their creation to the rest of the class (another person may hold the chart and coach).

4) Pose with your chart for a group photo.

5) The poster will be posted online to help others develop their talents. I will also ask people to vote for their favourite.









Thanks for taking the time to encourage our learners.