About Me

Husband (Pauline, the love of my life), Father (so very proud of Sacha, Celeste, and Yannick), Son (so grateful Mom + Dad), brother (so blessed), Friend (so many wonderful people throughout all the years), Student (love to learn), Teacher (students have been some of my best teachers), Coach (one of my favourite moment – when the light of belief goes on), Reader & Sharer of Good Books (I am amazed, almost everyday, the wisdom imparted by a line or two of text).


2 responses to “About Me

  1. Paulette I. Vermette

    Today, with technology we are able to communicate within seconds. We are able to read and gather different points of views and conflicting information. Yet, when responding with comments on Facebook or in the Free Press, we blurt out without evaluating our written word. With the push of the key “enter” writers condemn the other person’s viewpoint without having weighed in all the arguments. We have to learn the art of inner questioning to keep an open mind about issues. What we say may be forgotten but what we write is there forever. Using different lenses to look at an issue will enlighten us. There is also a polite and human way to share our disapproval or our conflicting viewpoint. This can be done by keeping in mind the word respect towards others. Your blogs will bring us into the 21st century allowing the readers and writers to think, to questions before blurting out whatever comes to their mind. I wish to commend you, Sheldon, for enlightening your students and their families. I will be an avid reader of your blogs…

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