The Value of Tools – Preparing for the Unknown

In the Grade 9 + 10 English class, we have discussed how to prepare for the unknown. At least, we have asked the question and started to explore that idea. This theme on “The Value of Tools” is part of the answer. It is about building capital before you need it. The capital being: education; seeking a wide variety of activities and experiences; developing a network of friends, mentors, and trusted advisors; building a library of books, audio and video recordings, blogs, podcasts that encourage, inspire, challenge, and help you to grow.

Meg Jay, a clinical psychologist, explores this very idea, of preparing for the unknown, in a TED Talk (she also introduces the idea of identity capital). While this talk is aimed at the twentysomethings, it is a great talk for anyone who is a young adult or has one in their life. A sample of a great piece of wisdom from the talk is the following quote: “the best time to work on Alex’s marriage is before she has one.”

Check out the video below in which she gives 3 pieces of advice that are invaluable to any young adult and, really, to anyone:


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