The Value of Tools – Learning from Others

Did Henri learn from Jacques?

In the logging contest (last post), Henri was completely convinced that Jacques cheated somehow, because he took four, ten-minute breaks, while he worked hard non-stop. Jacques explained, that he did not rest during the breaks, but used the time to sharpen his axe.

The real question is, “Did Henri learn from the experience and wisdom of someone else?” Or did he just keep doing what he always did in the past?

How do we prepare for the unknown? How do we help our children (students) prepare for a future which is changing rapidly and in many unpredictable directions?

One of the ways is to learn from the Jacques’s of the world. Often our first “Jacques” are usually our parents. As parents do we share our experiences – good and bad – to help our children understand. Do we let the see that we have made mistakes and that we can all learn from those.

Do we seek out mentors and advisors in various areas of life: relationships, finance, health and fitness, faith, and yes, do you know a good mechanic? These are relationships built over time with people that you trust. People who are knowledgeable and have your best interest at heart. Communication today makes it easier to connect, to share information, and stay connected. Remember as in any relationship, face to face time is always invaluable.

When is a good time to start?

“The best time to plant an oak tree was twenty years ago. The second best time is now.” Author Unknown


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