Student Assignment – Books as a Tool

Grade 9 + 10 English          Non-Fiction Book Study

Description: Students are often asked to complete assignments for school – to demonstrate competency in various areas of the curriculum. This assignment  is for the student – to learn new concepts and to internalize principles that can be applied throughout their lives (it will also meet many of the learning outcomes of the curriculum).

Students will choose a non-fiction book from a selection provided. These books will cover a wide variety of areas from relationships, to thinking, to finances and many others. Students are encouraged to choose a book from the area that most interests them, that they want to learn about, and is written in a way that they can relate to. The book will become the student’s property, part of their personal library, to serve as a future reference guide.

Purpose: To study a non-fiction book that can serve as a reference tool throughout life.

Evaluation: For our purposes, the student must demonstrate that a real effort to learn and apply the principles has taken place. This can be done in a number of different ways, but it is the responsibility of the student. There will be a rubric provided.

The true evaluation for this assignment will come from the student, their desire to learn, the time they invest in the book.

 Timeline: Assignment starts immediately. It is suggested that book be picked by Friday, May 13. If you need a book that needs to be ordered it will take a few days.

Daily check-in, entry slips which the student will indicate what they did to move their learning forward. (for the student’s own accountability).

Weekly check-in in small groups will take place. This will be a time to share what we are doing, ideas that are being learned, how we are applying the principles. Groups will be changed so that everyone can hear about different books and different ideas.

Friday, June 7th is the targeted deadline date. (Could be a lifelong project.)

To come: Discussions: On ideas for how you might demonstrate your learning, Evaluation Rubric, Entry Slips, Group discussions, Q&A


*If you read 15-20 minutes a day, you can easily read 1 book a month – that is 12 books a year – that is 120 books in 10 years – close 10 a 1000 books in an average lifetime!


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