The Value of Tools – EnRICHed Academy

What is your “Financial Literacy”? Your child’s? Last Thursday Miguel Catellier presented the students of Grades 9 – 12 some of the information contained in the EnRICHed Academy DVD program. This was the last 2 periods before a long weekend (students did not have school Friday). For an hour and half they listened!! A number stayed and asked questions! There were many positive comments from students and staff (“I wish I would have had this information when I was young”).

For anyone interested Miguel will be giving a presentation on Thursday, May 9th, 7 pm at École Régionale St-Jean-Baptiste (salle multimedia).

Checkout the website:

What is the value of “good information”? Short term? Over a life time? As parents we all hope to prepare our children for the world, so that they can meet the many challenges and enjoy their life fully. As a parent, who teaches, I realize that I did not always have the best information (I did have an awesome wife to fill in many of the holes).

The area of finance would definitely be an area that we could have done a better job. It is one of those almost “taboo” areas that does not get talked about much with children and students. The DVD’s provide great information, but most importantly they provide a tool to start the conversation on finances.

My children will be getting a copy and will be talking about the information presented. I encourage you to checkout this great tool!



3 responses to “The Value of Tools – EnRICHed Academy

  1. Paulette I. Vermette

    I agree with you. This topic on finances is overlooked by our education. This has to be learned. It does not fall miraculously from heaven. Some parents are great models , so their children learn these lessons. However, learning how to handle finances is of upmost importance. Bravo for including this topic.

  2. Looking forward to it Sheldon!

  3. Hello Sheldon,
    I agree that this info is very productive and the Miguel is sure the right person to present it to the future entrepreneurs. I agree that this info has to be told to the children so they can succeed. Positive info will always triumph over negative info. Keep up the fabulous work.
    Take care and God bless.

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