Freedom – More from the Grade 7 & 8

“I think this quote almost represents what this world is about. Those of us living in places where we have freedom that we take for granted every day, and don’t even realize it. Take what happened in Boston. They never say it coming because they thought they were safe. The things that happened in Boston happen every day in Syria.” DV

“I think this quote means to be thankful for the freedom you have. As Canadians we take freedom for granted. We don’t really know how much freedom we actually have until we lose it.” AG

“Have you ever seen the movie “Free Willy”? It’s about a killer whale that’s forced to perform tricks and has little space to swim. But at the end someone brings him to the ocean and frees him so he can roam free with his friends.” BG




3 responses to “Freedom – More from the Grade 7 & 8

  1. Wow great read, thanks for this!

  2. thats a very nice picture

  3. Paulette I. Vermette

    You make me want to see the movie: Free Willie! Great explanation…

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