Freedom – Student Responses Grade 7 & 8

Here are some responses to our discussions of freedom:

“Being free is not only thinking about yourself, but to think of others’ freedom and respecting that. Freedom is not something that you can take for granted, and it has to be earned. Once you have freedom you can’t misuse it, because yes you are free, but you still have to follow rules, such as laws. If you are teenager with freedom, you must follow your parents rules.” TL

“This quote to me basically means that you can’t appreciate what you have until you don’t have it anymore. And that we think we know what it would feel like not to be free, but the truth is we don’t. We will probably never know how it feels not to be free because where we live we are free. Its hard to try and feel something you never have felt.” RL

“You can’t have freedom till you have discovered your talents. So how can children that work all day discover what they are really good at when they have 50 lbs bags on their backs. One day, I would like for all of us to go on a trip and bring arts and crafts out there and show them how to have fun and have freedom. I would do anything for those children starving out there and give my time for them. My dream is that one day everyone will have freedom.” MS

“Sunday, April 21st, I volunteered in a soup kitchen. When I got there two men got into a humongous fight and it took 5 men to take down 1 man. So naturally I was very scared, but after I started feeding the people there was nothing to be scared of. My point is that these people have no freedom and they were still smiling away.” AA


One response to “Freedom – Student Responses Grade 7 & 8

  1. Paulette I. Vermette

    You each made excellent points!

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