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OF MICE AND MEN                                 LENNIE &GEORGE

Homelessness: to me homelessness is very sad and a shocking thing to live! Imagine living in the shoes of Lennie and George, as in the book: ‘sleeping outside’…… ‘No home’…. ‘No money’ No ‘nothing’. As their characters  travel around looking for a job to provide them with  money and so they can buy a farm house and live like kings.

I’ll show you how I am seeing the two characters in my mind ….


NO money: Lennie and George are living with very little amount of money….
How are they, two men supposed to provide shelter, food, land, and bunnies.

NO Home: As their characters  live without  shelter and  travel around with nothing.

Imagine liveing without a home, no money,  and trying to make a living with nothing.


One response to “Student Blog – Lot’s Post

  1. Paulette I. Vermette

    You are correct. There is no way I could not live without shelter or money. I am thankful to my Creator who provides for me and my family. We can not take things for granted. I pray for the poorest of the poo so they also can find comfort. Lot, thanks for your blog!

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