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To Kill or Not To Kill

« What sacrifices are we willing to make for those we love? (as in George’s decision to continually uproot himself to protect Lennie) How do we know when we’re acting in the best interest of those we love, or acting selfishly? (as in Candy’s inability to put down his dog; and George’s climatic decision) What effect does intention have on culpability? (as in Lennie’s responsibility for crushing Curly’s hand) »

I find that it wasn’t right for George to decide that it was right to kill Lennie. It wasn’t really right for him to say that it would be better if he did kill him. It really wasn’t the best choice because they could have run off into the woods and Lennie could have kept living.

“Is it OK to kill somebody? What about helping someone kill them self? Is it a crime to tell someone how to go about killing them self? Assisted suicide is an issue with a lot of gray area which people often debate over. Many argue from religious views and even moral stand points that such actions should not be taken and are wrong in every case. I would like to argue that assisted suicide is OK and even necessary in some occasions to uphold our fundamental right of pursuit of happiness. Suicide is an individual choice and there is nothing more important then upholding one’s freedom of choice. I’m not saying we should be allowed to go out and mass murder people with out consequence, but if someone decides to end there own life it is there choice? If one’s decision does not physically harm another then in most cases it should not matter if they make that choice. One’s life is all they really have in the end and they should at least be in control of that.“ I agree completely.


Lennie just killed Mai. lennie was just scared that if he let her go she run and scream just like the girl in the red dress did.    Was this a murder or an accident….



2 responses to “Student Blog – Morqause’s Post

  1. Wow! I had a brother in law take his own life. It was very sad and tragic, but ultimately in the end it probably was the only thing he did have any control over. I love and appreciate your work and point of view. Great job.

  2. Paulette I. Vermette

    With all my wisdom, I do not have any answer for this one. We have to walk in their shoes in order to judge others.

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