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In the novel ,”Of Mice and Men”, Lennie and George are homeless. They always have to move around and get new jobs to live. Homelessness is everywhere.

Let’s look at it more closely:

1: no money

If you don’t have any money how are you suppose to live and provide food for your family, if you have any.

2. no home

If you don’t have a home or something to live for life is kinda pointless because basically you just have to worry about every little thing and being homeless you live anywhere. I don’t think that anybody should have to live in the streets and nobody should have to dig out garbage just so they can have a bit of food to eat.

Here are some homeless facts about our city of Winnipeg:


Number of people estimated to be:

  • living on the streets: 350 (est.) (2012)
  • living in facilities (incl. emergency beds): 415 (2012)
  • living in “hidden homelessness’: 2 100 – 2 400 (est) (2012)
  • living in core housing need: 28 000 (est) (2012)


Taken from:

3. no hope

Would you like to be homeless and not have something to look forward to everyday? “Where there is no vision there is no hope.” If you can’t imagine yourself in the future what is there to look forward to in life? I will tell you what there is to look forward to: only cold weather, and being happy only if somebody gives you a bit of money or food that you would have to make last for a long time before you even thought about eating ever again!!!



7 responses to “Student Blog – Mark’s Blog

  1. Great job buddy!

  2. The statistics are striking!

  3. i know right and thats in our own city of winnipeg isnt that crazy?

  4. Wow, Where is Winnipeg? I’m sorry for asking, I’m new to Canada. But this is very scary. I would hate to live on the streets. And especially not in winter time. Cause I’m not a very big fan of the cold.

  5. Paulette I. Vermette

    I am thankful for all my blessings. I could not imagine my life without security. Knowing that tomorrow I have something to eat and I have a roof over my head and my bills are paid in a timely fashion gives me time to enjoy and appreciate the little things in life. I am truly blessed.

  6. arent we all thankful for are blessing of a home,food,clothes,family and love

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