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Why is there so much war, and hatred with everyone today? Simple explanation

1-    Everyone likes to have a little bit of power right, so in order to that they must….

2-    Fight over that power, some will start a random fight with anyone over really, nothing at all.

3-    Why do people do this well mostly because, of money, and for control of others.

4-    Is it really worth every second of everyday in life fighting over power?

5-    What are you really fighting for FREEDOM or POWER? Which ever one you pick think about how it could work.

Sometimes I wish that I could fall asleep forever but then I would miss out on what is next in my future but it isn’t easy being different like having disorders, losing an arm, losing my best friend, not allowed to have free will, etc……… when I read, my head works like a bunch of gears.

What is Love without war well….it wouldn’t be the right way to start a relationship now would it?

Love is supposed to be all romantic candle lite dinners underneath the moon, watching a scary movie, and so forth and so on…..

But there is a twist in it, what is the twist? Well it’s quite complicated so I’ll just use this little random quote I came up with….

Love is crazy like this world how could this day get any crazier, oh wait never mind it’s all ready crazy enough because of……… well this crazy world (and I love it)=D!!!!

When I was growing up, it was hard being different, especially for someone like me who has FAS, it’s not as bad as it sounds, I’m used to having this disorder, I’ve had FAS ever since I was born. I have a brain  imbalancement, but I’m getting stronger and working out my problems and most people with disorders, always find a way to break  free from the chains they had worn all their life, and now they can be free to live their new life.

I picked my favorite song from «Rio- hot wings i wanna party feat. Jamie foxx» I know that the title sounds a little bit silly but listen to the beat of the song, and you will understand why this is my fave song!!!! : D then tell me what you think by giving me comment about my blog and the song I chose!!!


By the way,  one of the aids helped me pick this quote to go with my blog………… my inspiration for my blog came from my awsome English teacher Mr. B., and also I got a couple of ideas from books and a few life experiences I went through, when I first moved here. It was complicated when I first started, but now since English started I can finally show of my writing skills and also write out my ideas, because I love to read, I love to write, And I love my blog!!!!!


4 responses to “Student Blog – Galahad’s Post

  1. Paulette I. Vermette

    Your quote is inspiring for me. We have to learn and change and improve ourselves no matter what. This is how we will achieve greatness in life! I think for your young age, you are almost there. Keep on!

  2. I really love that quote. And its true about war. Its stupid and worthless. Except those fighting for freedom That is a whole different thing. Look at where I used to. I had to move to Dublin because of all the bomb threats. Why?? Because British people are mean and they think they can own us. Well, I like to live free. Right now I’m in Canada. I am planning on moving here just to get away from it all. So please tell me how is Canada. I have only been here since friday and personally I like the freedom.

  3. If you don’t mind the unpredictable weather, Canada is great! We ARE lucky to live in a free country and life’s too short to always be mad.

  4. Lol I see that now, But it seems a wee bit expensive to get all me stuff out here to.

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