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Money $$

Q. Why is it so hard to save your money?

            The world is full of temptations and one of the temptations is spending your money on useless merchandise. In the book “Of Mice and Men”, the workers live on fifty bucks a month because they live in the time period of the great depression so their money and their resources were very tight.  Even in the book, George and his colleagues are faced with the temptation to go into town and blow off a part of their fifty bucks.

Now a day, with all the commercials on television people are constantly being drawn to new gadgets.  Many people compete with their peers. If their friends get a new phone, they want a new phone.   Their friends get the latest game, they want the latest game.

 Ways to save money:

  • Instead or ordering take out, cook food at home
  • Eat the food you buy while it’s still good so you don’t end up throwing it out
  • Walk or ride your bike so you don’t need to take the transit bus or pay for gas
  • Shop when there’s a sale
  • Turn off your lights and watch your water consumption
  • Limit your outings
  • Wear your clothes to the max


6 reasons why it’s important to save your money for the future:   

  • Your  education
  • Save for a car/ house
  • For you retirement
  • Repair for house/ car
  • Your health bills
  • Raising your family

People must realize that money does not grow on tree and if they continue there over excessive shopping they will end up broke. People must learn to spend according to their mean.

Don’t spend what you don’t have!!             



2 responses to “Student Post – Geraint’s Post

  1. Paulette I. Vermette

    My parents would often remark: “Money does not grow on trees”. They taught us to save for the things we want. Credit cards are convenient but it can be disastrous if we spend without having the money to repay. I am a spender but my husband has taught me how to follow our saving plan. He was right for many things. Your hints above are right on.

  2. Haha, very true. I am a terrible saver. Can’t save me money worth shit. (sorry for the language). I am always having troubles saving me money but at least I buy useful stuff with it. Other than that I spend it on stuff that I don’t really need. Like for instance going to Canada. 😛

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