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Should you trust everyone around you? Tell them all your secrets and stories? Some people come up to me and ask me this, why it is so hard for people to trust one another?  And my answer is always why it is so hard to keep secrets?

“Trust takes years to build,seconds to break and years to repair” by the unknown.

Develepoing trust with a friend can take time but the earlier the better. It is definitely worth it. I reasure you, you won’t regret it. To put the effort to create trust is a good start. Trust is a risk you’ve got to take if you want a great friendship. Its better to trust then to be a critic and to stay wary all the time.

“Only trust someone who can see these three things in you, the sorrow behind your smile. the love behind your anger, the reason behind your silence…”.

To earn trust you’ve got to follow these steps. Never cancel a promise or an appointment. If necessary, make sure to have a very good reason. Show emotion, it’s a great way to earn trust  and to show that you care. Its always easier to reveal emotion and let your true self be known, then to bury it so deep and look shallow. Kindness is a great way too. You are then able to show faith and support in someone even if they don’t feel the same way. Kindness cements the growth of trust. Be humble. It shows that you aren’t arrogent or condescending. Your friend will soon realise that you’re easy to like and eventually trust. Teasing or even just making fun of a friend will tarnish their faith in you and certainly not make you trust worthy.  You become a stalker of weakness and people become afraid of showing their faults.  Comparitively “the stalker” is usually someone that is insecure but spends time attacking before he gets attacked thus not trusting anyone and losing the trust of others. Judging friends will never help you gain trust. They realise that you always think you know better then they do. They will then be afraid to come talk to you with confidence. Sharing your time, personals and dreams is a great way to earn trust. I know from my personal experience that it’s not good to tell secrets. By this fact, you have destroyed your confidant’s trust. I know it hurts when secrets about you are going around the school, neighbourhood,community and this hurt comes from the betrayal of trust. How do you think it makes them feel ?

“I will forgive but i won’t forget and I hope you know you’ve lost my respect” the unknown. 

Of Mice and Men

In the book Of Mice and Men, trust isn’t discussed heavily. George and Lennie don’t talk about how they feel about each other or why they should stay loyal – they just stand by each other, and that’s that.

Lennie has a lot more trust in George then George to Lennie.  It’s a very gruff, rough and tumble atmosphere, and though feelings aren’t talked about, you get the sense that the men take nothing more seriously than their trust . For George and Lennie, as they make their way through the Depression, all they have is each other. As for the other guys, George doesn’t really seem to trust them as much. Other characters(other then Lennie) are more complex. This makes it harder for George to trust. George has become overpretective of  Lennie and in doing so he has to be more critical and careful of people getting too close. George has become almost spoiled by Lennies simplicity and complete faith in him, rarely can you find trust as strong as Lennies.  On the contrary Lennie seems to have trust in everyone.  Lennie doesn’t judge, he shows emotion, kindness, is humble and means what he says.  He doesn’t complicate life and doesn’t expect it of others. George sees these qualities in Lennie and knows that Lennie is good but times are hard and his trust is miscued as simplicity.  George becomes the protector and is afraid to trust others. As soon a any character would try to get closer to George something would go wrong, George would be distracted from his focus on Lennie and the world would zone in.

George finally used Lennie’s trust to “undo” him.  George brought Lennie to thinking of his happy place, made Lennie dream of happy times ahead- happy times that would never come true- George then shot Lennie.  George knew his dreams, George knew his longings- Lennie had only been trusting, George lied to Lennie.  Was this a gross misuse of his trust or was this the ultimate show of trust?  George knew what was coming for Lennie and knew it wouldn’t be happy and that Lennie would otherwise die in agony and misunderstanding.  George let Lennie live the most beautiful life he could and die believing in happy endings. Isn’t the point of trusting someone, to find an ultimate friend?

-Fisher King


2 responses to “Student Blog – Fisher King

  1. Paulette I. Vermette

    I have difficulty processing the concept of trust. With trust there must be truth. Yes, truth hurts but it is essential in a trusting relationship.

  2. Trust is a very important thing. Especially in relationships. With me and me lass back in Dublin we have a strong bond, And it consists of trust. With out trust me and her would be nothing. There is also the trust in friendship. We need to trust our friends. Cause if we don’t then they aren’t really friends. Everything that happens these days always evolves around trust.

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