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To me Team work is really important, because without team work you can’t succeed greater things. In Of Mice And Men I find that Lenny and George make a great team, Why? Cause George is the smarter one and the quicker thinker and Lenny is the tough brute force guy that assists his partner when in danger. Together they are a team. Oh, and I also picked team work cause it relates to hockey! Why? Well I think it’s pretty obvious because you need a team to win a hockey game, if you have no team and you are player as a puck hog you will probably end up losing or no one will like you. Lenny helps George get out of his problems and George does the same to Lennys problems. Eventually a Team, like Lenny and George will get new partners and they will also help as team. Just like how Lenny and George teamed up with Candy so they can get enough money to buy the small farm they seek. That’s how I think Of Mice And Men relate to hockey and that’s why I picked my theme as Team Work.


Miracle speech:


Bors de Ganis


One response to “Student Blog – Bors de Ganis’s Post

  1. Paulette I. Vermette

    Great things happens because of teamwork. As adults we often want to get credit for certain achievement but the truth is, without help from others…not much would be accomplished.

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