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Bondage: The state of being bound by or subjected to some external power or control.

Bondage is an import theme in the novel of mice and men. Bondage can relate to characters in the novel as to Curly’s wife and Crooks but in a way all the characters are in bondage.  The other characters are George, Lennie, Candy and Curly.

Why did I chose the theme bondage and how it relates to me? Even though I don’t really relate to bondage, there is a little bit I can relate to. But because it relates to me is that my mom has this thing that before I can leave the house my mom makes me do chores and if I don’t do them she’ll ground me or she won’t let me leave the house. If I’m home alone with my younger sister even though that she is old enough to stay home alone. I can’t leave the house cause she doesn’t really like to stay home alone. That is how I can relate to bondage.

Why is Curly’s wife in bondage? Curly’s wife is in bondage because she is trapped. When she lived with her parents she was basically trapped because she wasn’t allowed to leave the house at all. But now that she married Curly she thought that she would have the chance to do want she wants, now that she is out of the house and not getting controlled. But with Curly she got awefully lonley beacause her husband Curly won’t let her talk to anybody that works at the farm. Curly’s wife really wanted to talk to somebody but there is nothing wrong woth socializing with other people whem your married.

Now why is Crooks in bondage? Crooks is in bondage because he think he is not wanted. People didn’t want him around so he would always be in the barn or in his room in the barn. He didn’t normally let people in because her was black and because he was black that people thought that was stinky. But honestly there is nothing wrong with black people.

What the reason that makes Curly in bondage? Since Curly is in bondage is that the boss, his father is in charge of the farm Curly is in control of his father. That’s why he is in bondage.

Because Lennie is in bondage, is that Lennie is like trapped in a little kid’s body. He acts like a kid and he always forgets all kind of stuff but tending the rabbits and getting a dog and living on a farm with George.

Why is George in a bondage? Because George is in a bondage is that is stuck with Lennie. After Aunt Clara died George had to take care of him. Ever time George would tell Lennie something he would forget it. Every where he had to go he had to take Lennie with him, when they would go find a job. When they would find a job Lennie would do something and then George would have to go to because of what Lennie did.

Candy is in bondage too like the others. Why is he in bondage? Because Candy he stuck on a farm and he can’t really do anything on the farm because of one of his arms. He lost half of his arm. Candy is n bondage aslo because he is getting old that he can’t do anything really on the farm.


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  1. Paulette I. Vermette

    Bondage is preventing the other person freedom. Bondage is controlling every act that the person performs. However, as a mom I did control some of my children’s actions but it was out of love and was part of my responsibility as a parent to put limits. Hopefully my adult children realize that I was wise and not controlling.

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