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Don’t count your Chickens before they hatch!!

                  Don’t get your hopes up for something that could change so easily. Because it leaves you with a lot of emotions and you’re all angry because you worked so hard for it, then all of a sudden something comes up and interferes with what you wanted. Whether it’s a dream or just going somewhere. Life is a jackass and most of the time it will do anything to ruin your plans. Life hates you. But just because it hates you doesn’t mean you should give up. I’m not saying stop hoping, stop wishing, stop praying or stop working hard to get there. If anything wish a whole lot more, pray a whole lot more and hope a whole lot more, and defiantly don’t stop working. Just know that you shouldn’t get too attached, so that way if life wants to be a jackass and ruin your plan, you won’t feel too bad. I want you to always know that anything can happen whether it’s bad or good, anything can happen. But you just have to get up and work for it again. Hopefully not as much as you did the first time, but just enough to make it happen.

Hi… I have dealt with this problem too many times to count. And yes it’s a pain in the ass when my plans don’t work out. But I don’t care anymore because I know life will be a jackass and most likely ruin it for me. But when life is a Jackass to me, I get back up and start working. Yes I may be mad and frustrated most of the time, but I still do it. Because I have a big imagination and I have big dreams and hard plans to complete. When I have something I want to do or somewhere I want to go. I work so hard to get there. I always get my hopes up, unfortunately too high up, and I get excited. But I still know that life can still be a jackass and ruin it. And if it does, well life can go to hell. Like the last weekend of spring break I’m supposed to go see a friend who lives 1 hour and 30 minutes away from me. I have to work all spring break to raise the money for gas. But I have been screwed so many times by life that I’m actually scared I won’t be able to. And still i work and hope anyway. Why? Because every time you do hope for something and it fails. And you restart. You get farther every time.

In the book Of Mice and Men, George and Lennie have a dream about having their own ranch. They had their hopes up so high especially after Candy offered to help them buy it and complete their dream it was unbelievable. They were so convinced that they could make it. But life had to be a jackass and ruin it for them. It’s not Lennie’s fault, its life’s fault. Only Lennie can say that it was his fault.

So keep believing, keep hoping and work hard. If you fail, get back up and do it again. And remember Life is a JACKASS!!!!



3 responses to “Student Blog – Bedivere Post

  1. rebelliouskid2013

    I sweat that this has to be one of the best blogs so far, I mean the others are great but this one is awsome. Good jobBedivere

  2. This is really good. And it actually goes for me. Cause I work hard, to hard I would say to get things done and find a safe place for me and me family. But where ever I go there is always something wrong, or something bad turns out. It’s very true, Not all our plans can take effect. I should try this. Thank ye Bedivere. Ye have helped me realize I should stop trying as hard. But that I should still try hard enough to make it work.

  3. I find it disconcerting that you have this point of view on life. Yes outside forces will throw you a curve ball but with the right attitude, you will overcome what life throws your way.

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