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Why do bullies bully others?

To feel power and to leave others powerless. They probably have mixed feelings in their lives so they take it out there and anger and projects in the wrong, instead of talking to someone. I’ve seen people get bullied before it’s really not a pretty picture; it saddens me to see the defenceless kids trying to find help. I honestly can’t stand bullies because they could change the future for the victim, they could end up taking therapy, cut themselves and so many other scenarios of that kind.

I know it feels to be bullied it’s happened to me before, when I was in elementary I barely had friends, but the ones I did have were treating me like I matter and that feeling I loved. But when bullies came I tried becoming a ghost trying to disappear and pretend like I wasn’t there I hated that about myself. One day, at my new school, a bunch of kids came and asked if I wanted to play “hide and go seek” in my head I said “Sure, new school nobody knows me, fresh start” I said sure. We played hide and go seek outside in the playground and the field was so huge I didn’t know how far it went when I came back everyone was gone and I didn’t know what to do, so I went back to class and the teacher ask me where I have been? I answered “I was playing hide and go seek” Teacher replies “for 2 hours”. I heard the kids in the back giggling and making fun of me. The next day I didn’t go to recess and the weeks following that, I didn’t go to recess during all winter. After awhile I just quit and decided and said in my head “I don’t care what those jerks do to me I’m going to go outside and enjoy all the other kids and if they come near I’ll just have to defend myself” And guess what? I did it, go figure I wasn’t the only one to get bullied by them, I finally found friends again I din’t have to be by myself anymore.

In the book Mice and Men, the similar theme to my story is when Lennie gets bullied by Curly. But if you look closer you realize that Curly is intimidated by Lennie because Lennie is big and strong as for Curly is short and scrawny. Lennie didn’t know. Curly could’ve expressed himself in a way not so angrily.


5 responses to “Student’s Blog – Gareth’s Post

  1. Good title. In the depths of every bully, is a hurting child.

  2. Thank you. That is true, I try to prevent that from happening to those that can’t defend themselves.

  3. Again I ask, “Where is the LOVE?”

  4. It comes from the Heart. It comes from caring for others.

  5. Paulette I. Vermette

    I agree with mvdamp. The bully is hurting. He or she needs help to deal with his or her pain. Both the victim and the bully need counseling.

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