Student Blog – Voltigern’s Post

 Live Laugh Love

Live every moment. Laugh every day. Love beyond words.

As life goes on we tend to look back and regret not living certain moments, laughing certain days, and loving certain people.

Today I realized that life is too short to look back and regret. I spent my day with my little niece, playing and laughing. Her little giggles made me smile and my funny faces made her laugh. Every time I see her, even if I’m in the worst mood, her smiles and giggles just brighten my day!


To live is one thing, to laugh is another and loving is forever. Without it we go through life turning back to regret when we should be going through life remembering but not regretting. As long as you’re still breathing you should always remember to live, laugh and love.

Live every moment. Living is remembering who you are, who you’re supposed to be and who you want to be.

Laugh every day. You either have to laugh or cry. I choose to laugh! Without laughter life would be dull and boring.

Love beyond words. Why waste your time hating someone for something they did? Why not just let it go? It’s happened, it’s done with! Hating someone doesn’t really effect there life… it effects yours. You waste all your time thinking of hating the person when really you can forget it and forget them. Just get them out of your head! Learn to relax… and love a little!

All in all, life shouldn’t be about doubts and regrets! I will make sure that as my niece grows up to be a beautiful girl, she remembers to respect others, be grateful for what she has but most of all… To live, laugh, love! Life is one big life lesson!



3 responses to “Student Blog – Voltigern’s Post

  1. Paulette I. Vermette

    I have had many regrets. Your post has given me the push to look forward. Savor each moment and live life to the fullest. Thanks! I will remember.

  2. Good for you, Voltigern!

  3. Very sage!

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