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Who doesn’t get jealous? Every now and then we all get jealous. Jealousy can come from all different type of things. It could be about boys, girls, rich people, happy families, friends and plenty more. We all get jealous even when we don’t think we are.


In the book Of Mice and Men plenty of people are jealous; it’s just not easy to see.  The one that is the most evident is Curley. Curley seems to be jealous about a lot of things! But the two main ones is that he gets jealous of his wife when she talks to other men and also that he is a small guy when he wishes he could be a big guy just like Lennie. Yes Curley gets jealous when his wife talks to other men but what he doesn’t realize is that Curley’s wife is jealous because she isn’t allowed to speak to the other men on the ranch. Curley’s wife would just like to have a conversation with someone.

Crook may not seem like he is jealous because all the men on the ranch don’t notice him but Crooks would love to be one of them! To be able to live in the bunk house, to talk to the others, to work with the others, to be apart of their group but he isn’t allowed because of his color.

When Candy heard the dreams of Lennie and George of having their own land some day with all the bunnies and them living the life he became jealous. Candy knew to make Lennie and George happy he offered his money and that he became a part of that dream.

So everyone gets jealous! Even the littlest things can get you jealous. It happens to everyone weather we realize it or not. Jealousy is apart of life and we have to deal with it.


3 responses to “Student Blog – Gwion’s Post

  1. rebelliouskid2013

    Hey sheldon when will you put up mine? lol my moms waiting to see it

  2. Paulette I. Vermette

    I was certain that I did not have a jealous streak in me! I am always happy for the people who have attained their dreams. Bravo to them. I have reexamined my stance and when I say to myself: “Oh, I wish that I could have…” Then I guess being envious is being also being jealous. Thanks Gwion for making me reflect on this emotion.

  3. Nice reflections, Gwion. Do you think there’s a deeper reason for their jealousy aside from what you have already mentioned for each character?
    Keep digging, this blog is in the right track. The thoughts of the writers are precious!

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