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The REAL definition of the word RETARDED: slow or limited in intellectual or emotional development or academic progress.

In our society today, the word ‘Retarded’ has become socially acceptable. We hear it at school, social gatherings, work environments, we use it in private conversations, we use the word retarded to judge outfits, bad hair dos, road rage, life issues, and any other possible situation. People use it unknowingly without thinking about the proper definition, and how it may actually affect people with special disabilities, and people who have to live with it in their everyday life.

My brother is smart, for example; smarter than me sometimes; i ask him how to spell words when i can’t. Funny; he can make anybody laugh on the worst possible day of their life. Caring; he’s always there for ANYBODY when their hurt, or just straight up sad. He can read, like anybody else in his class! He likes to build Lego, like the big 1000 piece ones, just like every other guy! He likes to dance, sing, socialize, he’s cute!! Well guess what, he’s ‘retarded’.

Do you know how much it hurts? When my brother goes to school or any public place where people are throwing that word around. He knows what it means, but he’s helpless when he hears it. It doesn’t only affect him; it affects the family as well. A LOT.

In the novel Of Mice And Men, this theme relates to how George treats Lenny. George really underestimated him, didn’t let him do much, and was telling him that he’s stupid and not good for anything except work. When really, Lenny was so much more then that but couldn’t show it. They labeled him ‘retarded’ and that was it. It really showed how because he had a mental disability that he was totally different. When in reality he can be just like everybody else if you let him, help him, guide him, and show him how to act, be a role model!

Society has been like that for a long time, since before the novel until now! It’s only going to get worse. It needs to change, it needs to stop. People need to look around and think before they talk because words can hurt. We sound ridiculous saying it, but it’s become so common people don’t care and it’s wrong.



3 responses to “Student Blog – Percivale’s Post

  1. Wow! Love this blog! It is a word that is hard on the ears. I have a cousin who is Downs Syndrome and she also carries that label. She is smart and given a chance can do so much. Hats off to Percivale. Great job!

  2. Paulette I. Vermette

    Such a shame to use words carelessly without thinking of how it impacts others. Another word we often hear is “Mental”. When someone has had a depression…it is a real and difficult. So when I hear “She is mental”, I feel the hurt for those who suffer from a mental illness.

  3. Not a lot of people are exposed to situations or live with people who are “retarded”. Blogs like this help those people to open themselves to the reality and beauty of these people. It helps to break down prejudices and teaches how to relate better with them. Thank you for your post, Percivale!

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