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To Dream

To dream is one of the major themes in this novel. I chose this theme because it can relate to people today in so many ways as it did in the Great Depression. I’m not talking about the kind of dream that you have when you’re sleeping, but the kind of dream that people hope to achieve one day. Every person has a dream. It could be as small as hoping to get married or have a home or as big as becoming a famous singer. Lennie and George had a dream to own a farm that they could “live off the fata the land”. Lennie especially wanted to tend rabbits. This dream was more of a big one for them, but as things started to get better their dream looked more realistic to them. Because this was during the Great Depression, many people needed a dream to keep on going.

To dream is when one has hope to create or become something that they think is possible or impossible. There are two types of dreams. Those that people think they can achieve and those they don’t. For those who believe the dream is possible, it becomes part of their belief system. George didn’t believe in their dream the same way Lennie did. George at first thought their dream was impossible, but Lennie saw it differently. His mental disability allowed him to believe in the dream without seeing all the obstacles. His world view was similar to childlike faith. Lennie kept George optimistic about the dream. When Candy joined in on wanting to be part of their dream, he helped remove some of the obstacle to money. But in time, Lennie got into trouble, which prevented the dream from coming true. George Said “I think I Knowed we’d never do her. He usta like to hear about it so much I got to thinking maybe we would”. Unfortunate circumstances affect people’s dreams. People can achieve dreams if they try. Trying is the key to achieving, as well as bringing about the right circumstances. Dreams come true with effort and making good decisions!

Dreams are an important aspect in life because they keep you looking forward and help us to become or achieve more. They can come true or stay as a dream that motivates or comforts us. This theme is represented very well in the book Of Mice and Men. Lennie and George had a dream of their own. Just like many others. Never forget to Dream! 🙂


3 responses to “Student Blog – Kay’s Post

  1. Love it! This is awesome! Great job!

  2. Paulette I. Vermette

    Great blog! Thanks for reminding me that I should still have dreams…

  3. To have a dream is to have a GPS in how we want to live our life and where we want to go in life. It gives us a purpose. Dream big so when obstacles come, you can still see where you’re going!

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