The First of the Grade 7 & 8 Debates

The first of the Grade 7 & 8 Debates went today. All four students did a great job in our class’s first debate. All of us learned a great deal from these brave students.

Be it resolved: Access to the internet through mobile devices should be allowed and encouraged in classrooms at ERSJB

Affirmative: 120 points                            Negative: 115 points

The debates were video taped and will be posted in total or part with the permission of the parents for others to see. We will be using the video to improve our debating and speaking skills. I am looking for ideas as the best place and format to post the videos. Let me know.

Next debate will be Thursday, March 14: Be it resolved: Girls should be able to ask boys out.


One response to “The First of the Grade 7 & 8 Debates

  1. Paulette I. Vermette

    Debating is a great learning experience. If we can learn to debate in a respectful way…you are all on your way to become GREAT debaters.

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