English Language Arts – The Target

Below are the General Outcomes for children from Kindergarten to Grade 12 in the Province of Manitoba. It is important not only for teachers to have this target, but students and parents as well. As students take their learning and education into their hands, it becomes important for them to be able to show evidence of growth in the areas below.

It is also important to measure that progress and apply it into real world settings. We all realize that much of our personal education happens after we leave school, in the “real world”. We will strive to challenge our students to be creators and producers – to attach meaning and purpose to their work.

From the book, Who Owns The Learning by Allan November:

Not too many generations ago, young people were expected to engage in work with purpose – caring for farm animals, repairing equipment, selling food at a local markets, and helping to care for younger children in the family. These responsibilities taught children the value of hard work and a strong sense of accomplishment.

Over time, mechanization eliminated much of the need for child labor. Gaining an education became the primary responsibility of most young people; they were not expected to be productive members of society until they entered and the workforce as educated adults. Today, we rarely expect young people to be contributors. Few young people have opportunities to pursue work that has a purpose. I think that is a terrible loss for our society as a whole, but I also think it doesn’t have to be that way.

What are your thoughts?


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