English 7 + 8 – The Great Debates

Debating is a great exercise in critical thinking, researching, and finding our voices. Checkout the upcoming debates in Grade 7&8:

The Great Debates

Be it resolved: Access to the internet through mobile devices should be allowed and encouraged in classrooms at ERSJB.
Danielle and Kiara (pro)                       Tristen and Manon (con)

Danica and Kiera (pro)                           Nicholas and Nathan (con)

Be it resolved: Females make better students than males.

Brianne B and Brianne T (pro)             Russ and Austin (con)

Be it resolved: That making friends through the internet is a good thing.

Alex and Jacob (pro)                                  Bryanne and Jade (con)

Be it resolved: Girls should be able to ask boys out.

Ashlyn and Autumn (pro)                         Kaylee and Chelsey (con)

Feel free to help your children or to share your thoughts on these topics in a comment.


2 responses to “English 7 + 8 – The Great Debates

  1. I would love to listen to these debates!

    • I am really looking at making the debates available in whole or a highlight reel of the students. More and more, I would like to make the students’ s work more visible and more meaningful. If they know they have an audience, it certainly adds to the significance of the effort. Thanks for the comment!

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