Quotes – “It’s learning they are teaching them!”

“It’s learning they are teaching them,” is one of my favourite quotes about the education of children. This paragraph embodies much of what we want for our kids. Ken Dryden is more than just a great goalie. Enjoy!

From “Ken Dryden In School” by Ken Dryden (1995)

The book was written in 1995. In this passage he is talking about teachers in the future (2003) would be striving towards:

It’s learning they are teaching them, not history or math, which are mere instruments for this learning. And it’s a feeling about learning they are trying to get across most of all. They want every child, when faced in the future with a book, a piece of technology, an adult, a child, a man, a woman, a black, a white, a genius, a dolt, a group, or only one other, to feel comfortable. To feel that he can learn, and wants to learn, from all the imaginable sources of his learning. That’s what “learning how to learn” and “lifelong learning” really mean, what parents really want when they drop their child off on that first day of school. Help see him through, they ask, so that one day he might see himself through.


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