Foundations – Personalities

Understanding that the world is made up of people who have different personalities and temperaments is an important part of becoming self-aware. Florence Littauer has written a wonderful book titled: Personality Plus (should be available at the school library shortly). She describes the 4 personality combinations that make up people. Here is an excerpt from her book describing how each one of us is unique.

“We started out with a combination of ingredients that made us different from our brothers and our sisters. Over the years people have chiseled on us, chipped, hammered, sanded, and buffed. Just when we thought we were finished products, someone would start shaping us again. Occasionally we’d enjoy a day in the park, when everyone who passed by admired us and stroked us, but at other times we were ridiculed, analyzed, or ignored.

We were all born with our own temperament traits, our raw material, our own kind of rock. Some of us are granite, some marble, some alabaster, some sandstone. Our type of rock does’t change, but our shapes can be altered. So it is with our personalities. We start out with our own set of inborn traits. Some of our qualities are beautiful with strains of gold. Some are blemished with fault lines of gray. Our circumstances, IQ, nationality, economics, environment, and parental influence can mold our personalities, but the rock underneath remains the same.

My temperament is the real me; my personality is the dress I put on over me. I can look in the mirror in the morning and see a plain face, straight hair, and a bulgy body. That’s the real me. Gratefully, within an hour I can apply makeup to create a colourful face; I can plug in a curling iron to fluff up my hair; and I can put on a flattering dress to camouflage too many curves. I’ve taken the real me and dressed it up, but I haven’t permanently changed what’s underneath.

If only we could understand ourselves: Know what we’re made up of; Know who we really are; Know why we react as we do; Know our strengths and how to amplify them; Know our weaknesses and how to overcome them.”

For more info from wikipedia click here.


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